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A Deeper Song by wolfiekins R
Memory is a monster; you forget, it doesn't. You think you have a memory; but it has you. Coda for 12x11 "Regarding Dean".
Tradition by Kosh NC-17
New Years Traditions come in all sizes and shapes.
Whiskey And Sympathy by wolfiekins R
Seamus finds that he really doesn't mind all that much when the Kestrels lose.">
What Use Our Work by wolfiekins NC-17
After entering into an Internship at St. Mungo's, Ron's a bit overwhelmed and worried about keeping up his end of things. As always, Harry sorts him out.
The Edge of the Sea by Kosh NC-17
Charlie goes to Scotland to to purchase a special birthday present.
Blood Of The Enemy by wolfiekins R
Voldemort has been reborn, but there is a side-effect to the Blood Ritual he hadn't counted on.
Blessed Curse by Dream Pet NC-17
For the most part, it's cool to be a werewolf. But when your boyfriend's one too, and he can't seem to get enough hot, young flesh, the honeymoon's definitely over.

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One More Reason to Hate Death Eaters by Kosh (G)
18. The Weasley's home is destroyed during the war and is currently rebuild. The whole un-sheltered Weasley clan moves into Fred and Georges flat. How do they cope with having to hide their relationship and with sexual frustration. seregil_1982 - created the prompt
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