Wolf Moon has very basic submission rules:

1. This is an adult oriented slash fiction site. Membership is only open to those 17 years of age or older. Somtimes we're not very good at Divination; If we discover you are underage, your account will be Obliviated.

2. You must be a member to submit your work to Wolf Moon.

3. While we wish to foster an open, creative atmosphere, there are certain subjects that will cause your submission to be rejected: Sadomasochism, Scat, Watersports, Snuff, and Bloodplay (other than vampsex) to name just a few.

4. It is highly recommended that you have your work beta read by someone who is familiar with grammar and punctuation rules. If you're serious about writing, you really need to have a beta. If you cannot find a beta reader, or are unsure how to secure one's services, submit your work with a note to that effect. We'll do what we can to hook you up!

5. All submissions need to adhere to accepted rules for capitalization, grammar, and spelling. Submissions must defer to any canon specific spellings or capitalization, as appropriate. Admin reserves the right to make minor corrections to spelling, punctuation, etc, as needed.

6. All Submissions need to include a summary and chapter title, even if it's a one-shot. It must also include the appropriate characters, genres, ratings, and warnings. If you're unsure about warnings and ratings, see our 'HELP' page.

7. Author's Notes are permitted, but must be short and relevant to the story. A/N's that sermonize, pontificate, or otherwise blather off-subject will be removed. A/N's are NOT permitted within the body of the fic. We're sorry, but we cannot allow image uploads for individual stories or chapters.

8. Please, no Mary Sues, Gary Stus, or Legolas' long-lost twin sister, Debbie.

9. All submissions, except for works of original fiction, must have a disclaimer at the start of each chapter. This is a must.

10. The minimum length of a 'stand alone' story, or ficlet, is 500 words. (Disclaimers and Author's notes do not apply toward the word count.) Any works of less than 500 words are considered drabbles and should be posted under a single title with other drabbles, ie, HarryLuvr's Drabbles or similar.

If you accept the rules, please choose from the categories below.